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Mass Trapping of Pink Bollworm in Cotton with IPM

• Need Identification : Cotton is one of the main cash crop of Jalna district which grown on almost 65-70 cropped area (2.80 lakh ha). During 2017-18 there was heavy out break of Pink Bollworm in cotton which resulted in 30 to 70 percent yield losses in cotton. As Pink bollworm has developed resistance against Bt cotton, it was essential to provide immediate technological support to farmers for solution of control of Pink Bollworm in cotton • Efforts Made By KVK : KVK, Jalna-I took initiative to organise farmers seminar on Pink Bollworm jointly with ATMA in which total 820 farmers were participated from 70 villages. KVK developed literature on Pink Bollworm management which was distributed in 460 villages covering around 10000 farmers. In addition, KVK scientists visited 51 different villages. Training on Pink bollworm management was also conducted at KVK and in villages for farmers and Extension Functionaries of the district. On Farm Trial and large scale demonstration on Mass Trapping of Pink Bollworm with IPM was conducted in two villages. A joint project with ICAR-NCIPM, New Delhi and ICAR-ATARI is also initiated for this purpose. • Technology Details : Anand Agril. University, Anand, Gujarat has recommended to use 40 pheromone traps per ha for mass trapping of Pink bollworm with already recommended IPM components. The traps should be first installed 15 DAS 30 cm above the plant height and Pectinophora lures should be changed after every 60 days during the period of infestation. The male moths catched in the traps should be destroyed every day. • Salient findings and economics : It has been observed that 33.65 Percent cotton yield is increased with 4 percent cost in plant protection over farmers practice. A net Avg. income of Rs 37424/ha was realised in improved practice as against Rs.16400/ha in farmers practice who has not used mass trapping. The BC ratio was observed 1.8 in improved practice whereas it was 1.3 in farmers practice. The farmers could harvest average yield of 15.50 q/ha under protective irrigated condition. • Adoption and Spread: During 2018-19 farmers adopted different IPM components and more than 2 lakh Pheromone Traps were used in the district for mass trapping of Pink Bollworm in cotton. The technology was reached to almost every village with the help of Department of Agriculture and other agencies. • Future Scope : As this is a very simple and affordable technology can be reached to large number of framers through line department in the district. More work is needed. OFT on Mass Trapping Farmers semianar on PBW management

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