Success Story Details

Preparation of decorative articles from degraded cocoons as a source of income generation for farm women

• Need Identification : The area under Sericulture grown considerably in Jalna district during last two years. About 500 farm families are likely to be engaged in this business. Jalna is drought prone area and the sericulture is one of the best options for farmers as agro based entrepreneurship. The farmers are taking 4-5 Batches in a year and earned about 1.5 lacks income. At the time of harvesting 5-10 percent of cocoons are degraded cocoons & the rate is very less ie. Rs.100-150/kg. Many times farmer are not harvesting this cocoons. • Efforts Made By KVK : The KVK, Jalna-I has taken initiative to prepare different articles from this degraded cocoons & it is one of the best income generation activity for farm women. We can prepare different flowers, Garland, Bouquets, Necklace, Bracelets, key chains. Wall piece, Toran, Flower pots, Night lamps, etc. from degraded cocoons. KVK has trained around 50 farm women during last two years. KVK has also organized 3 days special training for Home Science experts for KVKs in Maharashtra in which total 27 KVKs were participated. • Technology Details : This technology is developed by Central Sericulture Research Institute, Mysore and commercialised with the help of VNMKV, Parbhani in Marathwada region. The technology includes conversion of degraded cocoons in value added products which helps for additional income to farm women growing sericulture. • Salient findings and economics : It has been observed that the value added products has given the income of Rs. 1000-2000 /- kg of cocoons which otherwise would have sold at Rs. 100-150/- kg. The SHG members have earned Rs.1000-1500 /- additional income per month based on product availability and market. • Adoption and Spread: Two SHGs from Ambad and Kachrewadi village has started preparing different articles from the degraded cocoons & selling it at exhibition as well as at local area. Around 50-60 women are involved. • Future Scope : This may prove very potential agri-based enterprise in future. The organised support and market facilitation may be provided by line departments in the district.

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